Releases by NPFNP and related

NOT 02 PLX15 - same MLP 
Bands origin: Bodø, Norway 
Format: 12" Mini-LP 
Release date: September 5, 2015 

Edition: 100 copies / handmade covers / black vinyl 
Artwork & Photos: Joachim Gaertner
Musicians on this record: Jon Hveding: Vocals, Guitars and Synth/Casio-organ 
Remi Langmo: Bass synth and Synth/Casio-organ 
Lars “Skjit-Lars” Nicolaysen: Drums, Toilet and Synth/Casio-organ 
Zan Hoffman aka Bodycocktail: starring on vocals on The Traitor. 
Recording informations: - Recorded at Cito Lydstudio, Bodø, Norway 2012 and 2015 - Mixed and produced by: Lars “Skjit-Lars” Nicolaysen at Cito Lydstudio July 2015 
Note: - Photos taken near Kjerringøy, Northern Norway April 2015 - no testpressings were made

PLOPP 03 SKJIT-LARS - The Absolutely Last Shit LP
Edition: 100 copies / handmade covers / black vinyl
Release date: March, 2013

Bands origin: Bodø, Norway
Format: one-sided vinyl 12"
Artwork: Joachim Gaertner

Musicians on this record: Lars "Skjit-Lars" Nicolaysen: Drums, Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Recording informations: Recorded 1981 - 1985 Krypten Studio / Norway
All songs arranged and produced by Skjit-Lars
Technician: Thomas Siverten

NOT 01R (reissue 2015)
Edition: 100 copies
Release date: 15 August 2012 (Sold out by label)
Release date reissue: 15 September 2015

Lars Nicolaysen: Drums, Metal & Stuff
Ronny Wærnes: Electronics, Effects, Voice, Metal & Stuff

The sound of Psykisk Tortur, has expanded with drums and electronic noise, and some vocals, even though metal percussions are still a vital part of the band. On Nightrider (first ever studio recording from Psykisk Tortur!), the band continue to explore the sonic landscape by use of rythmic, catching drums as well as the uncompromising chaotic attitude towards generated sound. The duo was invited to perform at the Avantgardefestival Schiphorst 2012, making this the bands first appearance outside Norway. Nightrider was originally released on CDr earlier this year by Go To Gate Records

Short Bio:
Psykisk Tortur was founded in 1984 in Bodø, Norway by Lars "Skjit-Lars" Nicolaysen and Tore "NXP" Nilsen (later Stemland). Their improvised music was oriented around metal percussion, concrete mixer and drills; they got expelled from every venue in the area because of their music and their performances! It would take more than 20 years before they re-entered the stage again at the Nødutgangfestivalen, Bodø, Norway in 2006, this time as a trio with Ronny Wærnes. After a few performances Tore left the band, and Lars and Ronny continued as a duo.

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